Logging AAD username of AKS-AAD integrated Clusters

az aks create -g aad -n aad — enable-aad — aad-admin-group-object-ids 7938ded3–6d6d-4116-b5d0–8ac7f734ec68 — aad-tenant-id 716e7f5b-8914–47f5–85f0–84db07e6xxxx — enable-azure-rbac — node-count 1 — generate-ssh-keys

AKS_ID=$(az aks show — resource-group aad — name aad — query id -o tsv)

az role assignment create — assignee 7938ded3–6d6d-4116-b5d0–8ac7f734ec68 — role “Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster User Role” — scope $AKS_ID

5. Creating Role/RoleBinding for that cluster. For this step, we need to get credentials for admin user (az aks get-credentials -n aks -g aks –admin)



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