Azure AKS — Export Container Logs to Storage Account

Ovidiu Borlean
2 min readFeb 7, 2022


HowTo — Export Container Logs to Storage Account

1. Create a test Container for this task with the following manifest. It will output a message to stdout once at 30s by default, this can also be seen with kubectl logs ubuntu

apiVersion: v1

kind: Pod


name: ubuntu



- name: ubuntu

image: ubuntu:latest

# Just spin & wait forever

command: [ “/bin/bash”, “-c”, “ — “ ]

args: [ “while true; echo LogsTo_Storage_Account_Example; do sleep 30; done;” ]

2. By selecting Data Export Tab from the Log Analytics Workspace connected to your AKS Cluster you can create a New Export Rule

3. As the source for the Export Rule in our case you can use Container Logs table

4. For Destination, please use a Storage Account in your subscription.

5. After the Export Rule created, you will find the correspondent Containers in your Storage Account

6. By accessing the am-containerlog Container in the Storage Account will find a Folder Structure containing the complete Path and complete date, month, time and 5 min parts

7. The filename for every 5 min time part is called PTSM.json

8. By Downloading and opening this file the output of your Containers will be found in the content.